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7c Escrow is committed to providing the best representation possible to handle a closing and insure title moving forward. Although this is the most common transaction, buying or selling a home is not a routine event. This may be one of the largest transactions a consumer will ever experience. Having the best representation to handle the settlement and provide title insurance is critical.


Commercial real estate transactions can be extremely complex because these acquisitions tend to be far larger financial investments. Our team at 7c Escrow has extensive experience in handling commercial transactions. Even if there is only one legal entity buying or selling the property, there are usually several individuals behind the scenes who are critical to the decision-making process of each particular commercial real estate deal. Hiring the right escrow company can be crucial.

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7c Escrow takes great care and effort in ensuring the smoothest transaction possible when refinancing. These transactions can be more complicated than they seem on the surface. New loan documents and title searches, payoffs and occasional title transfers all add to the complexity. Hiring an experienced team can make all the difference.


When moving money from one investment to another by way of a 1031 or reverse 1031 exchange is crucial. Overseeing all documentation takes great care and due diligence when the IRS is going to be your second set of eyes.

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Buying an REO property from the bank involves strict deadlines and specific requirements which can seem challenging. Our escrow agents are highly experienced with these transactions and can guide you through the entire process.


Providing support for agents and brokers assisting homeowners with mortgage debt is extremely important. Our team here at 7c Escrow can assist you with making sure that all the requirements of this special home transaction are met.

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7c Escrow is experienced in the handling of For Sale-By-Owner transactions in a smooth and efficient manner.  We guide you through the escrow process and supply you with the necessary documentations and disclosures to complete your transaction.

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