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Having been in the real estate industry for over 20 years, I can honestly say that “I love what I do!”. So, I don’t find myself ever saying “I’m going to work!” I enjoy the steps of building long-term relationships which, I’ve created many, over the years. My strongest attribute is paying attention to detail, every detail matters to me.

I commit myself on providing high-quality service, you’ll never hear me say, “I’m available 24/7,” it’s an unrealistic statement, even though, I understand the purpose of the statement, however; I always like to be straight forward with true promises that I can deliver. So, feel free to call me seven days a week. I understand the dedication and commitment that it takes to bring together a real estate transaction. It’s my pleasure to help assist my clients and their clients like family. Giving them the attention, communication and the time they deserve, for a seamless enjoyable escrow transaction.

I love spending time with my large family and friends I enjoy cooking and taking long runs in the fresh air of Orange County. Such a beautiful place to be. And I always find a little time for HGTV and golf!



Kim began her carrier in the escrow and real estate industry at very young age. With close to 30 years of experience Kim strives to provide the best possible service with integrity, caring and enthusiasm. Kim is a Certified Escrow Officer, under the California Escrow Association. Education is very important in keeping up with ever changing laws and regulations. Kim is a native of Orange County and has raised her family here as well. You might find Kim telling funny stories about her 3 boys. Kim loves most sports and being outdoor.





Barbara Furlong started her escrow career in 1981. She worked her way up through the escrow ranks, starting as an escrow receptionist, and then assisting two escrow officers, to running her own desk to managing an office. Many years later, after working as a senior escrow officer and successfully raising a family, surviving breast cancer and having two grandkids, she decided to work as an escrow assistant.

People who work with Barb will tell you that she brings a high level of expertise, as well as a loving, loyal, sincere, but frank, down to earth approach to everything she does.

Outside of her escrow career, Barb loves spending time with her husband John, doing various mountain biking and outdoor adventures. She also enjoys her now adult kids, is passionate about her grandkids, crafts, artwork, writing and her dog, Pepper.




Kerry Fisher comes to 7c Escrow bringing over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate and Escrow Industries.  All in the Family, her Grandfather had his own Real Estate Company and her Father spent over 36 years in the Real Estate industry holding positions from Management to President of the Real Estate Board and her Mom is in the Escrow Industry as well.  Kerry refers to herself, how could I go wrong with all these great friends and family teaching me the ropes. 5 years ago, she bought her first home and feels that having that experience being on the client side taught her many lessons as it would being in other shoes.

Kerry believes that integrity and communication with a smile are keys to success in business.  Sometimes just lending an ear and listening to people leaves them with a greater sense of encouragement and confidence. Kerry’s goal is to leave people and situations better than when they started. She says “Do what you Love to do and never “work” a day in your life” In her Spare time, she likes to write, paint and has a passion for decorating.  Kerry loves to cook and never follows a recipe.  Mostly, she sticks with a “Trust it to be thrown in a pot” and add ingredients to taste.  “It’s Fun for me and usually turns out Delicious!”